The Best of Barcelona

"You’ve lived here for ages… What can you tell me about Barcelona?"

Well, it’s true. I’ve lived and worked here for 35 years. It's my home and I love it. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve taken friends, family, friends of either, complete strangers and even the odd pop star (very odd indeed!) around the city and its surroundings.

Sometimes I’ve just given practical tourist information: how to get around, where things are, where to eat, where to stay, what to avoid, what not to miss.
l'ou com balla

But, at others, I’ve also shared my personal knowledge, experience and love of Barcelona, told tales and stories of the past, taken people to hidden corners and secret spots–

—tried to make the city come alive for them as it is for me and give people an idea of why I love it so…

Every time I do that I see the city afresh and my affection and appreciation for her grows as each friend discovers the city's beauty and unique character.

…I hope to do the same on this site and I hope you enjoy it.

So, here you’ll find a lot of practical information to help you plan, book and enjoy your stay here with ease but you’ll also find a lot on what makes this place so special, –architecture, history, design, gastronomy, art, music, legends and the wonderful people who have made it.

This web is a work in progress and I'm building the site now. Please keep coming back as the site grows…
…you can add the RSS feeds, (that's the orange button up on the left column) to keep automatically informed of updates as they are uploaded.

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Barcelona Updates
Updates to the New pages and changes
Barcelona Tourist Information
Barcelona Tourist Information. All the Information on Barcelona you need. Accomodation, transport, what to see, where to go
Security in Barcelona, Barcelona Tourist Information
Security in Barcelona. How to protect your valuables from pickpockets. Common traps for tourists.
Hotels in Barcelona Spain
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Hotel Ramblas Barcelona
Hotel Ramblas Barcelona. Hotels on or near the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain. Book your Hotel on the Ramblas at the lowest guaranteed rate.
Rent Apartments Barcelona
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Barcelona Hostal
Barcelona Hostal. Cheap, comfortable accommodationin Barcelona. A hostal or pension is often as good as an hotel and much cheaper. See here for hundreds of cheap accommodations in Barcelona.
Barcelona History
Barcelona history from Roman times to present day. The human background to Barcelona's monumental city.
Barcelona Stories and Legends
Barcelona stories and legends. Stories legends and downright lies about Barcelona.
Cheap Flights to Barcelona
Cheap flights to Barcelona. How to get cheap flights to Barcelona. Tips and strategies for finding cheap flights.
Barcelona Airport
Practical information on Barcelona Airport. Terminals. Transfers, Transport, Services. How to get to Costa Brava, Costa Dorada.
Barcelona Airport Hotel
Barcelona Airport Hotel. Hotels near Barcelona Airport, Spain. Facilities. Transport
Barcelona Airport Transfers
Barcelona Airport Transfers. Get to and from Barcelona Airport with no fuss, no queues. From 13,54 euro
Barcelona Airport Transport
Transport Barcelona Airport - Barcelona by Aerobus taxi, train, bus, local bus, night bus,
Girona Airport
Girona Airport. How to get there. Connections to Barcelona Girona and Costa Brava.
Reus Airport
Reus airport. where it is. How to get there. Places nearby
Transport in Barcelona
Transport in Barcelona. Bus, metro, trains. How to get around Barcelona quickly and cheaply
Barcelona Card
Barcelona card. Barcelona card gives free public transport, free entry to museums and other attractions and discounts on over 80 venues.
Things to do in Barcelona
Things to do in Barcelona. Family activities, Montjuïc, Montjuic, Tibidabo, the Aquarium, the Zoo, Barcelona Pavilion…How to get there. Opening times
Barcelona Football Club
Barcelona Football Club. The story of Barcelona Football Club. Visit the Barcelona Stadium. the Camp Nou Experience.
Barcelona Tourist Bus
Barcelona Tourist Bus. See the best sights in Barcelona on one of several tourist bus routes. Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Montjuic, Tibidabo, Camp Nou…
Barcelona Beaches
Barcelona beaches. Where they are. How to get there. Sports and activities. Facilities, cafés, bars, restaurants.
Palau Güell, Barcelona
Palau Güell. Gaudí. Gaudi's first major work as a mature architect. Palau Guell is very near the Ramblas. Information on booking and visits to Palau Guell.
BloggingBarcelona. Barcelona Tourist Information's blog on Barcelona. Read more topical, season Barcelona matters (and the odd rant and rave) here.
Barcelona Beach Hotels
Barcelona Beach Hotels. Hotels near Barcelona beaches. Hotels near Barceloneta.

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